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Artifacture Systems Inc., Tradition

At Artifacture Systems Inc., we follow the tradition of achieving 
the objectives without relying on luck and chance, in response to 
customer's requests to change along with the change in the flow
of time.

Create Twice

  At Artifacture Systems Inc., we create things twice in order to positively achieve what has been visualized for the future.The first time, we create it in our imagination and the second time, we build in reality.
  The first time, as far as possible, we imagine ourselves to be creating the deliverables, step by step, as we would in reality. Once the images of such reality have formed, then the second time around, we will be able to create it for real with much more certainty.

Learning Twice

   It is important to have a systematic knowledge in order to imagine the method or steps of creating something for real. Possessing systematic knowledge which is gained through the experience of creating things for real would actually make it easier to visualize the method of creating things in real. 
  But in reality, there is a limit to the experience gained by each individual in their actual practice. Whereas, at Artifacture Systems Inc., we aim to learn twice within a single task and learn as much as possible within the limited business oppurtunity. The first time, in the work that we will be handling by ourself. The second time, from our imagination, at the work that will be handled by other members or while working for a leader.
   As we increase our learning opportunities, systematic knowledge also enriches, inturn increasing our ability to create as well as our ability to visualize.

Practicing the process of prioritizing the purpose

At any given time, having a definite purpose for the job being carried out, is nothing but "the process of prioritizing the purpose".

・In relation to anywork, the "Process of prioritizing the purpose" definitely works.
・If all members fundamentally think the "Process of prioritizing the purpose" as base and start conversing and discussing in those lines, then they can aim for resolving any problem.