System Development

We help our customer's solve business challenges, depending on their needs, by providing open source systems and smart device applications that are based on Windows and Linux Infrastructure.


We offer Business Information Systems that are suitable for managing continious services. Also we offer to build new IT Business and Plan further development, keeping the present business know-how of the customers as base.


Artifacture Systems Inc., and the collaboraing Specialist Partners in Specialised Business, together, bring to you the packaged solutions utilizing IT.

System Development

Business System Development

We provide a futuristic plan and system keeping in mind the problems currently faced by our customers. We work along with our customers in visualizing and working towards a system that has been well-designed and developed for the future while catering to resolve our customer's challenges.
・ We aim to support our customers viewpoints, by visualizing and sharing futuristic solutions to the problems currently faced by the customer.
・ We take into consideration the changes that the business and the systems bring in by planning a highly scalable and maintainable design.
・ We offer trusted services during the operation phase keeping stability, safety and assurance as our motto.
・ We build and provide easy-to-use application systems, which are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and Android tablet.

【 Main Systems we provide】
・ B2B Net Service System
・ B2C Net Service System
・ iPhone App, Android App
・ Hybrid Store Management Web Services for iOS and Android.
・ Back Office Billing Business
・ Inter Business Infrastructure Systems
・ Cloud based Infrastructure.

System operation

Based on the needs of the customer we take up the whole of IT operations from business planning to operational system construction and practical system support.
Our IT proficient engineers will resolve problems faced by the customers in terms of operability and maintainability of the system.
We help the customers to free up their most valuable human resources from system operations and maintenance, and let them focus and concentrate their efforts towards actual business.
・We offer optimal IT operations design which takes advantage of our IT know-how.
・We offer operational automation which aims at implementing stability, safety and assurance.
・We offer inhouse type or remote type support systems which are tailored to the customers' needs

【Main Services we provide】
 ・  IT Operations and design
 ・ Operational System Construction
 ・ Operational Support




IT Regulated Consulting

Enterprise information system has now become an important support system for business activities. System failures cause significant damage to the business activities and is a business risk which could lead to a fall in customer credibility and a decline in the revenue. We support by providing counter measures against such risks which arise in system management and operation, starting from IT control and consolidation of operations.
・ A qualified CISA holder with a proven track record will provide flexible support according to the customers needs.
・ We aim for IT controlled implemention which do not over burden or become operationally excessive, by taking into consideration the company's scale of operations.

【Main Services we provide】
 ・ Current Assessment of IT control
 ・ Structural support for IT control
 ・ Audit support for IT control


Ultra-light business support tools

The complete enterprise package of Accounting Systems, Human Resource Management System, Sales Management System, Stocks/Inventory Management System, etc are all leading business support systems for principal business enterprises today. However, for companies, introducing these packaged systems not only consumes time and becomes necessary to align the business to the packaged system, it also goes on to become a significant burden. In addition, it can be firmly said that introducing the packaged system may lead to changes in business practices along with loss of some of the valuable business know-how. However, there are still several such companies, who are hesitant to introduce the packaged systems, contemplating demerits to packaged systems.
  On the other hand, by introducing the packages, there are increasing number of cases of companies who say their business problems are getting solved using IT solutions. Many business mistakes are brought down and the quality of work is going up. 
  We, in Artifacture Systems Inc., offer IT business support tools that are high in merit, which makes use of PC, Smart Devices with Internet that are easy and simple to use. Also we offer ultra-light business support tools that are easy-to-use as smartphone apps.

【Main Products and Services】
Ultra Light Attendance Management Tool (Android App)
Store information tool for ramen shop owners "Ramen 55"(Compatible on iOS and Android)
Automatic tennis match combination application for tennis players "iMatchup " (iOS App)




Solution to support your ideas

  In a company, on a given business day, each employee "utilizes some time for thinking". So, how many hours do you think would that be? In work places, where a certain job that has to be done is not noted down in detail as a procedural step, just the thinking process of such work might take 2 to 3 hours and sometimes even consume 5 to 6 hours depending on the situation.
 If an employee increases the "ability to think" about what is necessary for the him to carry out a given job, then he can improve his quality of work and productivity. Thus, by enhancing the ability of the entire staff to think, the company's quality and productivity as a whole also increases significantly.
 At Artifacture Systems Inc., we think that the current situation, where IT environment of PC, Smart Devices, Internet and so on are wide spread and the given "IT Knowledge", should be utilized for enhancing the employee's "ability to think". So, on those similar lines, we at Artifacture have developed a tool for supporting our ideas and enhancing our employees "ability to think". Taking advantage of this experience, we offer to develop a variety of tools for supporting your thoughts and ideas, thus contributing to the company's productivity.

【Main Products and Services】
· Thinking Support Editor (A Smartphone App)

Tailor-made Business Support Solutions

 These days, Ready-Made E-Commerce sites that are operating using the internet are large in number.
 These have now become an indispensable part in the lives of people. On the other hand, amidst the growing need for producing and delivering custom-made products by listening to the individual needs of each customer and through one-to-one interaction with customers it is found that there are very few suitable mechanisms which support tailor-made businesses.
 At Artifacture Systems Inc., we possess a patented technology on internet business solution. Our company, in case of tailormade businesses, is characteristically taking advantage of this patent, and has the merit of acting as both seller and buyer, due to this patented internet business solution. We provide support as a whole to those business plans and projects that utilize this technology in their construction and operations.